Asalamu Alaikum!


Eid Mubarak!!


EID MUBARAK to you and your family!

“May Allah tabarak wa ta’ala accept our fasting, our salat and our dua’as – Allahumma Ameen!

Remember, just because ramadhan has come to an end, it doesn’t mean we stop doing khayr. We need to continue with all the good that we’ve established in this month bi’idnillahi Kariim. May Allah shower His infinite blessings upon us all. Ameeeeeen!

Think of all the reward one gets for reciting Quran, which is normally 10 hasanaat per letter. Continue to make dua’a, and continue to excel in this perfect and beautiful deen. Propel yourself forward and don’t go back to the level you were before. Make dua’a that Allah allows us to live to see another Ramadhan. That we are also allowed to live to see tomorrow. Ameen!

Side note: let’s try to enjoin one good and forbid one bad act AT LEAST each day. Please remember to advise people with kind words.”

The quotation marks are there because they are not my words. I receive boardcasts on my BBM from muslims sisters that know the religion much better than I do. So, to save time I decided to put their dua’as and advice on my blog.

InshaAllah I’ll write more after Eid.



Women’s Rights in Islam

Women’s Rights by Shaykh Hassan Ali

I have never written anything on the topic of women in Islam. I have always wanted to take a Women’s Studies class and dedicate my final project on this topic. Alas, I did not have the opportunity.

The above link will take you to a page where you will find my favourite lecturer speaking about women’s rights. Shaykh Hassan Ali’s deliverance of the lecture is excellent. He speaks in an eloquent manner with a calm tone. Click on “Life in Islam Part 4: Women’s rights in Islam followed by the rights of husbands and wives“. The lecture is approximately 1 hour and 15mins long. For those of us who are history nuts, this lecture will illuminate a historical perspective – once you know the history, you’ll understand the present. From industrial Europe to pre-Islamic Arabia – from marriage rights to inheritance – it is all covered in this lecture. Moreover, the lecture does touch on the subject of polygamy and also the woman’s rights in a marriage.

Its great to know your rights in a marriage but for those of us who are single, click on “Life in Islam Part 3: How to find the most compatible person for marriage by analysing sixteen different personality type“. Now THIS is an interesting lecture!

Let me know what you think!


Youtube Hijab Videos

These are my two favourite hijab videos on Youtube. I spent hours looking for the best ones to post. I find that most videos drag on for 8+ minutes. What on earth is there to talk about for more than 3 minutes!? It only takes me less than 3 minutes to put on my hijab. These two videos don’t have any of that crappy intros, cheesy music or overly excited pubescent girls.

I’ll load more once I can find descent ones to share. Let me know what you think.


Hijab Anniversary!

Today is my hijab anniversary. A year ago I made the decision to wear the hijab. Hmm the decision wasn’t entirely mine – keep reading. After recently traveling to war torn Somalia where I was forced to wear it – as in “you better put the hijab on in Dubai before you reach Somalia or you’ll be beat!”. Well, I wouldn’t say forced but the action was heavily influenced by mother. I couldn’t stop thinking about my mother’s words as I boarded the flight from Amsterdam to Dubai. Experienced a little bit of a culture shock – I’ve never seen so many covered people in my life! There I was with my funky curly hair and a scarf wrapped around my neck – I like to call modest chic. So, I march into the washroom and threw on an abaya (the long Islamic dress) and the hijab. Feeling a little awkward, I put on a little more make-up and glossy red lipgloss. The message: I’m a Western Muslim woman.

I leave the washroom and head over to the check-in. They greet me with “assalamu alaikum”. Hold on! I didn’t get this before. Ahh now that I LOOK like a Muslim, I’m greeted as one. I get it…It all makes sense!

I wore the hijab for a month in Somalia and as soon as I landed in Dubai on my way to Toronto, I did the reverse. Went in the washroom and took it off. Fluffed my hair a little, threw on that uber-chic scarf and painted my lips red.

As soon as I got home from the airport I felt as though something was missing. Ah yes – the hijab! I went through all the holiday pictures and noticed that I look fabulous wearing the hijab. So, I told myself that I would wear the hijab as long as I didn’t have to compromise my personality. I wanted to know how I can be ‘me’ and wear the hijab at the same time. That meant hours of Youtube ‘How to wear the hijab’ videos. I wasn’t convinced. I didn’t want my hijab matching my bracelets, or worse, the stitching of my outfit.

One morning, I fluffed my curls and headed to my sister’s school to update their registration. Oh sh^t! They go to an Islamic school. Oh man, did I feel out of place! My mother and I take a seat in the waiting room and wait for the Brother Principal Imam Man to call us into his office.

He takes one look at me and says in a very strong Pakistani accent “You veear the heejab and I give you job”. He offered me a teaching position but the only condition was that I would cover up – I accepted! You have to understand that I had just graduated and was terribly broke. Being the person that I am – I took it as a sign (I’ll fill you in later on my terrible teaching experience).

So, thats how my hijab adventures started. Mind you, I’ve had weak moments where I took it off but those feelings soon subsided.

Here’s to a year! InshaAllah many more!