Asalamu Alaikum!


Sometimes the best people you meet are the ones outside your family circle.

The ones who are in your family circle are the ones to shoot your dreams down, deflat your ballon of happiness and constantly remind you that they’re the ones you run back to when everything else fails.

I wish I could pick my family members – my ulcer wouldn’t flare up, magraines would subside and my brain would continue making happy hormones on the regular.

To say that my family stresses me is an understandment. I can’t leave them because I’m scared of the wrath of God (never sever the ties of your loved ones – a major sin, so I’ve been told).

So, how do I get them out of my life? I don’t know? They’re like leeches and moths combine – drain my energy and eat away at my soul. I’ve tried to make Dua but……let’s just see.

Rant over.



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