Asalamu Alaikum!

The Toronto Souk

Today I went to the farmer’s market in Toronto with my mom. You see, my mom will travel to Fiji for a great deal on papayas. So, off we went to the other side of time to get some fruits. I asked my mother why she doesn’t go to local supermarkets to buy produce. She said: “I don’t know where my fruits are coming from, plus it’s too expensive”. Ok, she has a point. I went to No Frills the other day and came across :
That is right! Chinese eggplants from the Dominican Republic! I’m pretty sure there more land in China to grow Chinese eggplants than in the DR.

But, I had more fun at the Farmer’s Market than I did at No Frills. I have pictures! The first picture is of this woman who wouldn’t stop eating the grapes – yes, the unclean grapes that have been fondled by a thousand people. Anyways, my mother took the opportunity to ask the woman if the grapes were sweet (my mother has OCD plus she was fasting). The woman with a mouthful of grapes nodded.

This next picture is by far my favorite. The man in this picture was the loudest and sleaziest man at the market. His man is the kind of man who has dirty finger nails, sells cartons of spoiled bananas for dirt cheap (kept yelling “take it and go!”…meaning, you couldn’t open the carton and inspect the bananas), chain smokes and hangs on to his youth with all his might kinda man. The best part….his outfit!

He is wearing Afghan pants with a baseball cap on backwards. Now, if you were to divide the outfit it’ll look like this:

Sorry Huntington, but this is the clash of civilizations!



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